Organize SA is a community organization that helps train citizens like you who want to make a change in the worldĀ but don’t know how. We help give you the tools to make effective change in your community via:


  • Deputizing Voter Registrar Workshops
  • Voter Registration Engagement Training
  • Voter Registration Drives

Juany Torres


Juany Torres has a degree in Political Science from Stanford University and worked on the Clinton campaign in Nevada. She hails from San Antonio and is a McCullom High School Alum.

Organizing San Antonio

Since I’ve been back in my hometown of San Antonio after the November 2016 election, I have been invited to attend many community gatherings, meetings, events, and town halls to share organizing tools and best practices. I’ve been very grateful for these opportunities and have come to realize that though there is a lot of energy and momentum, our community is eager to channel it into action.

Giving you the tools to ACT

I believe that civic engagement, particularly through education, voting, and mobilizing others to vote, is a key way to enact change. With the San Antonio municipal election around the corner, I want to spend the next few months organizing workshops on organizing, training more folks to go out into our community and change the tide of events, equipping them with the skill set needed to be an effective organizer and partnering them with orgs doing great work around my hometown.

Get involved

I cannot do this alone, however, and would love your help in the creation and execution of OrganizeSA. With your help, I will host biweekly workshops leading up to the municipal election, working to increase the turn out in May 2017 and onward as we lead the resistance towards the 2018 midterm elections.
Mil gracias for your support! Help me spread the word by liking and sharing this page and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.
Juany Torres